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Choose from several classes for your greatest comfort with Air China

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Are you tired of reading? Well, unfortunately this is only the second part of the article about Air China, so you will still have to read it for a long time in order to retain all the information necessary to be able to buy a plane ticket.

Air China

See how to buy Air China flights.

But don't worry, because with all this information you will learn that even if you don't choose to buy the ticket with that company, you will still learn many valuable things to take to other airlines.

But what exactly are we going to talk about in today's article? Answering the question, I will now explain it to you. In today's article we explain a little more about the company's services, that is, what classes it has services for and also if it is worth traveling with it. Don't leave here yet, keep reading and find out all this and much more.

Air China

See how to buy Air China flights.

What is it like to travel with Air China airline?

If you search the internet for the company name, you will immediately see some websites where they have reviews about them. And if you check these sites, you will notice that they have all positive reviews. This part of the article I will not base only on my opinion but also on other people's opinion, then I want to get a complete answer.

According to various sources, the company's most appreciated services are ticket prices and aircraft cleanliness. Another service that is appreciated is the menu that the company has with various foods. In all points, what has the lowest rating is the entertainment during the trip.

Airline flight classes

If you want to travel with a company that has a wide range of classes, then Air China is for you. In this company you have 2 main classes and each class believes it has 4 subclasses, that is, you will have a total of 8 classes to choose from.

This type of class division is not very common on most airlines. However, this one is special. So if you're interested in learning more about how these classes work, read on.

Economy class

Unlike many airlines, this class will have 4 subclasses: Economy Superdeal, Economy Saver, Economy Flex, Economy Standard. In the first 3 economy classes you have to pay a fee to change the ticket, and to cancel the ticket you have to pay in all classes, and the accumulation of miles goes from 25% to 110%. The first two classes will not have a choice of seat.

First class

First you will have 4 subclasses: Executive Flex, Executive Standard, First Flex and First Standard. They are ordered from cheapest to most expensive. If you want to change your ticket here, the only subclass you will have to pay for is Executive Flex. Then if you want to cancel the ticket, the first one will have to pay CNY 3200 and the rest will pay CNY 200. All of them include the choice of seat.

Discover the services offered by Air China

With more and more services available on airlines, there are a few that are the most important. See below what they are and what each of them will include to improve your passage.


The entertainment on this airline will be like all those on the plane, you will have a screen where you can see an extensive catalog of movies and series that will be available to entertain you.


Meals will depend a lot on the class. The lower classes will only receive a few meals depending on the length of the flight whether it is a full meal or even 2 and some snacks, but in the more expensive classes you will receive food made by gourmet chefs.

Baggage clearance

With this company you can carry luggage, but this service, once again, depends on the classes. If you travel with the lowest classes, most of them will not allow you to carry luggage in the hold, but in all of them, business or economy classes, they will allow you to carry a shoulder bag. In the executive you can carry from one to 3 pieces of luggage in the hold.

In the end, is it worth traveling with Air China?

Traveling with a company is a great decision and that is why when you decide if you decide to travel with Air China, it should be because you like their services. The quality of this company is undeniable, so if you have opportunities try to give it a try, and if you are interested in knowing more, click on the link below to find out how to buy the ticket.

Air China

See how to buy Air China flights.

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