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How to buy discount air tickets in Conviasa, step by step

The last time you bought tickets it may have been a bit complicated. All this will change today with Conviasa.


Buy your tickets as quickly as possible with Conviasa

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Are you ready to make your dream trip come true? Buying a plane ticket with the desired company is the last step you will have to take!

I am sure that as you read this article, you are very excited about this idea. And of course, if you read the last article, you should feel even better, because you already know that with Conviasa you will obtain great benefits. 

Don't worry, we haven't finished explaining more about Conviasa yet. If you are one of those who are not yet ready to make the purchase, you should know that in today's article we will help you buy the ticket. Our tutorial will be simple and we will also teach you how to check-in. If you are interested in all this, keep reading. 

Step by step on how to buy a ticket with Conviasa 

Do you know how to buy a plane ticket? Many people may find purchasing a ticket a little more complicated than others, and when this happens, they often end up not buying the ticket correctly, or not buying it at all. That's why we gathered here to create a good and simple tutorial for you to learn how to buy. 


Conviasa Flights


Flights Conviasa

Make your purchase with Conviasa step by step.

You will be redirected to another website

  • Enter the website. 
  • Fill in the place of departure and return, dates and number of passengers. 
  • Go ahead and choose your desired flight ticket. 
  • Choose your preferred air class. 
  • Complete your details and complete your purchase. 

How do I check-in with Conviasa? 

To check-in it is necessary to have purchased the ticket in advance. When you buy the ticket, it is usually a good time before your trip. And if you are someone who travels frequently, then you should already have an idea of what things will actually be like and how you will need to go through the steps after the purchase. 

However, if you don't travel much, it is normal that after purchasing the ticket you don't know what comes next after purchasing it. And if this is your case, know that the next step is check-in. Check-in will take place after purchasing your ticket and can only be done approximately 24 hours before your trip. See now the check-in methods below. 


One of the best ways to check-in is online. However, Conviasa has a special role. When you check in online, usually with other companies, you will need to check in online and print your boarding pass, either at the airport or at home.

However, with this businesswoman you will have to execute the online check-in normally if you want, obviously, and you will simply receive your boarding pass at the airport. 

To check-in you must access the company's official website, then click on the check-in button that will be on the home page. When you click you will have to enter your record locator and your last name.

After that, you will only have to check-in normally and, as we mentioned before, you will have to go to collect your boarding pass here, at the airport, at a service desk. 

In the airport 

Check-in at the airport will not be much different. The only difference is that you won't do it at home, you'll do it at the airport and you'll probably have to wait in line or something and you'll have to get there early.

In other companies there are more differences such as you can print the boarding pass at home, but in this one you will have to collect the boarding pass directly at the airport, regardless of the type of check-in. 

If you wish to check-in at the airport, simply go to a service desk and check-in with an attendant as usual. Finally you will receive your boarding pass and you will be able to enter or board the plane. 

How to contact the airline 

To contact an airline you must first visit the official website. Then you must click on the 3 dashes in the corner of the screen and on customer service. By clicking there you will click on Sales Offices and there you will find all the information you will need to contact the company. 

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