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How to buy discount air tickets at Interjet, step by step

The detailed tutorial on how to purchase the ticket step by step has arrived! Follow the same to know how to buy with Interjet.


With countless destinations, travel with Interjet

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Interjet is an airline that was founded in March 2005, but only began operating in December of the same year. With a large number of customers annually, Interjet is one of the best companies for you to buy airline tickets, so if you are planning a vacation, perhaps Interjet is for you. 

Like many other airlines, Interjet has a large number of benefits that you can access if you buy tickets with it, so in this article we will teach you everything about how to buy airline tickets with Interjet, as well as check-in. and how to contact the company. 

Step by step on how to buy a ticket with Interjet 

To buy airline tickets with Interjet, you must first search for the company name on Google and click on the first link. After that, you must fill in the requested slots, but before that, choose whether you want one-way or round-trip tickets. Next, choose the number of passengers and distinguish between adults, children and babies, and choose the desired number of pieces of luggage. 




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Once this is done, you can finally fill in the spaces with the place of departure and arrival, as well as the desired dates. By continuing, you will see the available passages for the desired data, you must choose your favorite and continue. After that, it's time to fill in your details and those of your companions. 

You must enter your name, nationality, gender, birthday, passport number, expiration date and you can also add luggage protection for an additional price. By continuing, you will be able, for a fee, to add travel protection in case you want to change your ticket and desired service. 

Finally, you must check that your information is correct and well written, since after the purchase is made it is difficult to change, and enter your payment information. Complete your purchase and voila, your ticket has been purchased. 

How to check in with Interjet? 

The question of how to check-in is not new, everyone has already gone through it, and that is the reason for creating this point. To check-in with Interjet, you will have three options: at the kiosk at the Benito Juárez México Citá International Airport, online or at the airport. In this article we will show you how to check-in online and at the airport. 


To check in online you must follow these steps. First enter the website and select the check-in option. When selecting this option, you must fill in the blank spaces with the requested data. They will be your card number and your last name, after that continue and finish the check-in. When finished, you must print your boarding pass. Finally, you can print your boarding pass either at home or at the airport, however, if you do it at the airport, you will have to pay some money as printing at kiosks is expensive.

In the airport 

Checking in at the airport is very simple. First you need to arrive earlier, even earlier than usual, as there is always a risk of late check-in or something, so arriving earlier avoids these problems. Upon arrival at the airport, you must go to the on-site service desk and speak to the attendant to check-in. When you're done, head to a kiosk to print your boarding pass. 

How to contact Interjet airline 

Contacting Interjet is different from other companies, since for you to contact the company you will have to have purchased the tickets and you will also have to have purchased them with the light or comfort package, since both offer customer support service. customer via email. Unfortunately, the basic package will not offer availability for you to clear your doubts, but even if it did, this whole way of contacting the company is not very good, because you will have more doubts before buying the ticket, not after. 

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