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How to buy discount airline tickets on Skyscanner, step by step

Do you have several questions about how to buy a plane ticket using the Skyscanner search engine? Learn here in today's article.


Search for tickets with one of the best search engines in the world – Skyscanner


Buying plane tickets does not always have to be a stressful situation, you can do many things to facilitate this process and of course we can also do several things to help you in the process of requesting a ticket.

Physically, we will not be the ones who help you, since our power will be somewhat limited in this sense. But this search engine that we are going to recommend can help you.

The recommended search engine today will be Skyscanner, and if you read previous articles you will see how good the search engine really is. In past articles we talked a little about the benefits of how this search engine will work.

Today I managed to find more information about Skyscanner and we can learn more about the most bureaucratic part of this search engine, when it went to buy the tickets, how to take advantage of some benefits and things like that.

Step by step on how to buy a ticket with Skyscanner

Well, we said that we had to help you and it would be bad of us to just promise something and then not keep it, so now we are going to keep our promise and we will try to explain and help you as much as possible with the purchase of the flight search ticket Skyscanner tickets.


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You will be redirected to another website

Don't worry, I know searching for the ticket by name can make you a little nervous, but it's very easy.

  • Go to the Skyscanner website.
  • Select your departure and arrival location.
  • Choose the dates.
  • Enter the number of passengers and class.
  • Go ahead and choose the passage.
  • Make the purchase normally.

Now that everything is resolved and you have made your purchase, you will receive the ticket information, usually from the company where you purchased it. The search engine may be useful to you in the future, but above all you should ask the airline for help.

Does Skyscanner ticket finder have any other benefits?

You may be wondering why this article isn't over yet. Maybe you are tired of drinking more and more, but you should know that this will be the last part of the article, it only serves to inform you more about the subject so that you end up making the right decision and not requesting a ticket with this search engine because there was no other option or maybe that's what you thought.

Either way, the answer to the question is a resounding yes. Clearly, Skyscanner will have another benefit that you can benefit a lot from and that will be an app, the app is almost essential for ticket seekers, so if you want to make your stay on Skyscanner easier, you should download the app.

How to download the Skyscanner app?

Downloading the Skyscanner app is very simple. Normally, most people will know how to download your app because it's basically like downloading a normal app, but if you don't have experience with apps, you'll find this tutorial very helpful. To access the app, you must first sign in to Apple Actor or Google Play.

Now that you are there, search for the name of the ticket finder in the search menu and when you find the app, click on it and start downloading it normally.

Once the download is complete, the next step you need to take is obviously to log in to your Skyscanner account in the app. If you don't have one you will have to create an account, but don't worry, creating an account with them is very quick.

What can you do with the Skyscanner app?

The Skyscanner app will allow you to do many things and although their website will obviously already be good and quality and will allow you to carry out normal transactions or complete searches, the app will make all this much more complete.

I know it seems complicated now, but look at it this way: the app will always have much more simplified, prettier and more colorful designs that will attract more attention.

They will also give you new benefits such as being able to save your card, speeding up payment and filling times. All these details that I know you will be able to take advantage of will make you much happier with this search engine.

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